Carlisle Transportation Products

Pulleys, Sprockets & Bushings

Cast for Max Performance and Increased Belt Life

The Carlstar Group's line of heavy-duty industrial QD pulleys, light-duty pulleys and synchronous pulleys are built from gray iron castings for maximum performance and increased belt life even under the most severe working conditions. Highly skilled metallurgists determine the exact formula used for each component cast in modern foundries.

Pulleys, Sprockets & Bushings
  • Classical QD Pulleys

    Classical QD Pulleys

  • FHP Pulleys

    FHP Pulleys

  • Panther Plus Sprockets

    Panther Plus Sprockets

  • Power-Wedge QD Pulleys

    Power-Wedge QD Pulleys

  • QD Bushings

    QD Bushings

  • Synchro-Cog Timing Pulleys

    Synchro-Cog Timing Pulleys

  • Taper-Lock Bushings

    Taper-Lock Bushings