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New Products


Working directly with original equipment and aftermarket customers, and listening to consumers, new products are introduced to the marketplace each season. Recently, The Carlstar Group launched new solid and pneumatic forklift, farm, turf, radial trailer, and all-terrain ATV/UTV tires, along with new developments in synchronous and agricultural power belts.



Radial Trail RH Trailer Tire


The new high performance Radial Trail RH tire successfully incorporates DuraTrailTM and HeatShieldTM technologies. HeatShield combines specially blended heat resistant polymers to produce a tread compound with superior heat resistance. DuraTrail technology increases the integrity of the Radial Trail RH under challenging towing environments. Trailer tire performance is generally affected by underinflation, overloading and often poor maintenance, but is also affected by ambient air temperatures, duty cycles, solar loading, topography, altitude, traffic patterns, driver behavior, meteorology, surface hazards and urbanicity of the drive environment. The Radial Trail RH high strength steel belt package and variable pitch design, coupled with micro-fiber reinforcements, improves durability, load-carry capacity and lateral stability which reduces trailer sway problems.


Turf Pro Plus R-3

The 8-ply rated Carlisle Turf Pro Plus R-3, seasonally launched for 2012, is a new addition to the R-3 line of products. Designed for use on mobile truck mounted forklifts and sod-loader applications, the round shoulder and tread design deliver effective traction, even load distribution and minimize turf damage during use. Recommended for landscaping, golf courses, cemeteries and general turf environments. Available size: 31x15.5-15.




















LinkSport Golf Tire 


New from our Outdoor Power Equipment Design Team, the LinkSport is in production. With optimized weight, improved wear and a turf friendly footprint, the LinkSport delivers important performance characteristics for golf car applications, both on the course and on restricted thoroughfares, such as closed golf car communities. Sporting an advanced new interlocking matrix tread design, the LinkSport promotes even weight distribution across turf contact points. Turf wear damages golf course turf surfaces, increasing course maintenance costs due to surface resistance, pressure, abrasion, scuffing or tearing of turfgrass and verdure, particularly in high-traffic areas. The LinkSport design promotes reduced turf marking, wear injury (damage to turfgrass shoot tissues), leaf bruising and soil compaction to golf course and other turfgrass recreational sites. LinkSport is an exciting new product for Closed Golf Car-Only Communities, representing a technical departure from old-school conventional golf tire products.


UltraGuard MX Mixed Surface Use Tire


The Ultra Guard® MX, like the existing Ultra Guard series, is designed for severe duty applications. Yet, it also provides unique tire features specifically designed for mixed surface applications. The Ultra Guard MX includes a premium chip/chunk-resistant compound, reinforced sidewall and rim guard technology to protect against worksite debris. It also features unique shoulder grips to increase bite in soft conditions. The robust center lugs and large contact area of the footprint provide stability, while the deep tread depth offers extended wear and puncture resistance.



UltraGuard LVT Extreme Service Skid Steer Tire


The Ultra Guard LVT is an extreme service skid steer tire with two wide pattern blocks for increased tread wear and longer life. The Ultra Guard LVT also features a thicker sidewall rubber gauge for enhanced sidewall protection and a center bar for extended tread-wear life at the crown. Ultra Guard LVT's performance excels when resistance is needed on the work site against abrasive materials such as rocks, concrete or general demolition.