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   Forms & Helpful Information


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Carlisle Dealer Warranty Adjustment Form (Authorized Dealers Only).  To download, click HERE.  To submit Warranty Adjustment claim ONLINE, click HERE.


  1. Print. 

  2. Complete requested information. 

  3. Fax to 800.352.0075.


Download 2

Trailer Tires: Tips & Best Practices.  To download, click HERE.

A helpful review of trailer tire tips, maintenance and best practices.  


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Consumer Tire Warranty Claim Form.  To download, click HERE.


  1. Download.

  2. Print.

  3. Complete requested information.

  4. Fax to 888.225.3250 or Email to


    Download 4

    Agricultural Semi-Pneumatic Tire & Wheel Assemblies.  To download, click HERE.

    A review and summary of Carlisle's Agricultural Semi-Pneumatic Tire and Wheel Assembly products.

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    Download 5

    Carlisle Tire Catalog - Russian Language Translation.  To download, click HERE.

     A Russian language edition of the 2011-2012 Carlisle Tire Catalog.

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