Carlisle Transportation Products

Continuous Improvement

The Carlstar Group is Committed to Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement  


The Carlstar Group employees creatively work  together to maximize performance and eliminate waste in order to drive exceptional value for customers.


The continuous improvement  process:

  • Inspires our vision

  • Aligns our objectives

  • Sets priorities

  • Establishes goals

  • Monitors  variation and waste

  • Takes action to continuously improve

  • Is our DNA as an organization


We employ lean principles:

  • Kaizen

  • Progressive 5S

  • Build to TAKT

  • Standard Work

  • Single-Piece Flow

  • Set-Up Reduction

  • Pull

  • Manage for Daily Improvement

  • Kan Ban

  • Total Productive Maintenance


We eliminate variation:

  • Visual management of performance

  • SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost)

  • Poke-yoke

  • Training under Standard Work principles

  • Sigma-Kaizen

  • Process Capability Analysis

  • Root Cause-Correction Action